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Protect your food company from £30 per week

Membership to the Authenticate IS platform gives your food company real-time information about your entire food supply chain, all in one place allowing you to:

ensure compliance – manage risks – build trust

source responsibly – support TACCP & VACCP – meet FIR regulation

make informed decisions – manage corrective actions

save money – win business

It’s a collaborative platform which allows you, your suppliers and their suppliers to securely share information up and down the food supply chain about provenance, food product attributes, food safety and more.


By knowing your entire food supply chain, including indirect suppliers, you can assess potential vulnerabilities and implement measures to minimise risks from modern slavery, food safety and food fraud.


Make better use of your time, skills and budget with our Advanced Assessment module. You can create and issue unlimited assessments, monitor and manage results, and analyse trends at the touch of a button – all for a fixed annual fee.


The KPI module allows you to monitor and compare performance against specific KPIs. Whether you want to track your suppliers or your own company, you’ll get powerful insight of current, past and future performance.


Quickly and easily verify the compliance status of both direct and indirect suppliers. We have live links with some of the leading certification bodies so you can rest assured that the information you have about certificates is up-to-date.

Join the global food supply chain platform

Food businesses around the world including retailers, food manufacturers, food processors, wholesalers, foodservice companies, ingredient suppliers and farmers are collaborating and sharing information on the Authenticate IS supply chain platform.

Join them and become a Premium member.

Premium membership starts at £32 per week – a small price to pay to be prepared before the next food industry challenge occurs.

Authenticate IS food supply chain platform. Insightful. Effective. Essential.

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